Presenting your property also known as “staging”, is an important step in preparing to rent your property. Effecting staging can help your property to be rented quicker and potentially for a higher price.

Most renters form an opinion of your property within the first 15 seconds of the viewing. They are accessing whether they can see/feel themselves living there. For some they will picture it in their minds-eye, for others it will be the ambience of the property and all about how it feels.  Never underestimate how much smell also plays a big part in your potential renters instant like or dislike for your property. Please see below a recommended “to do” list before viewings take place.

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Remove excess items and store out of sight or give to a friend or relative. People want to envisage themselves living in your property therefore it’s crucial to maximise perceived living space. 


Giving your walls a fresh lick of paint with neutral colours will make your property seem lighter and bigger. It will allow prospective renters to easily imagine how a room can be adapted to their own tastes and create a very good first impression.


Make any minor repairs such as holes in walls, broken door knobs, cracked tiles, torn or threadbare carpets. Deep clean your property and get rid of lime scale and tile grout. Hang up fresh towels. Tidy up the garden, cut bushes back, clean the patio, outside furniture and ensure you cut your lawn.


Wall mirrors make a room look larger and lighter. Consider putting some up, especially in smaller rooms or hallways. Clean the windows inside and out and replace any broken light bulbs. Making your home feel light and airy will make rooms feel bigger.


Ensure that the temperature within your property is comfortable for prospective buyers when they view. If the property is empty, set your heating/cooling system accordingly.


Avoid there being strong smells of cooking, cigarette smoke or pet related odours during viewings. If your pet malts, then give your property a quick vac to pick up any loose hairs.

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